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Amazing Race 2012
Created by Ashley Ware-Lane in 3/21/2012 1:40:54 PM

  Amazing Race 4x4Cape 17 March 2012

The  Amazing Race 4x4Cape

17 March 2012

 WHAT A GREAT TRIP - Thanks Trevor and Lynne

We tried a different approach this time with regard to the trip report and decided to ask all participants to write something. There will be a prize for the best written report. !!!!


We have received two already and they are both great so you will have to sharpen your pencils to beat this:


The Amazing Race
Report by: Justine Gielis
It was a hot Saturday afternoon. The sun was blazing down on us as we all gathered at the starting point. Eagerly we awaited the instruction from the event master, Mr. Trevor Harris. We were split into five teams. Most of which consisted of three cars, and one or two which had two cars.
The excitement started to build up as soon as we got into our groups and each group headed off on an Amazing Race. We got some of the questions answered before we even began, but we were told to fill it in while we were racing. We had to use BBM to confirm as not all of us had our radios with us. It was clever thinking on Mark’s behalf. When we started the amazing race we were full steam ahead, knowing every answer to each question. As we got further into the race we were struggling to get the answers so there was a lot of BBMing going on to confirm with each other.  Thank goodness we had the mandatory 30 minute pit stop, as we all needed to fill up. It was fun when we had to get the golden nuggets, we saw some teams driving back to try and find them. We were actually looking for holes in the gravel road we were travelling on. But we managed to figure it out. During the course we caught up with other teams and managed not to Konfidereer or give any answers away. This was after all a race. The car I was in was the leader of our group. We did manage to lose our group with one task, but managed to keep up. We witnessed a team leader getting lost, which brought some comedy element to the race. After a few tasks our group stopped to Konfidereer our answers. In Paarl we missed the turn to the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, and boy what a task it was to find the names of the dams. But we eventually found them. Well when we reached our final destination it was a beautiful setting to a day that was already filled with amazing views of this beautiful city we live in. We all saw a wonderful, and for some of us, hidden treasures the Cape has to offer. It was a fun filled day.

Another one by Juliet


Thanks to Trevor for a most enjoyable day! It wasn't difficult to see that a lot of work went into the preparations. 
Although the idea was (as I found out later that day) to create teams, Steve and I ended up creating our very own and very last "Team Romeo and Juliet!" due to Stephen's "dirty"work earlier that morning. (No - it's not what you are thinking..... he helped Michael fix his car!) After a fruitful mechanical morning and a mega rush to still make it to the most Amazing 4x4 Race, Trevor was so kind to wait for us and we arrived with smoking tires - Stephen smiling and me recovering. However, the adrenalin seemed to spark off the answer to the first question very conveniently and Romeo contemplated the thought of doing that speed some more - you know we might get somewhere that way. After a definite negative response from Juliet, Team Romeo and Juliet was on their way.
In the beginning of the trip love between Romeo and Juliet was blooming, but clouds soon loomed on the horizon. The differences in approach to reading and interpreting clues and questions started to become more prominent as the time gap between us and the other teams grew bigger. 
Romeo soon informed me that I was not reading far enough in advance and I had to adapt. Mmm...reading in advance while alerting the driver to the current clues and keeping up with more or less where we are at was becoming a tall order for Juliet. 
The crazy Mill thingy place came just in time for a nice break and to let off some steam and work on our Romance again. Inspired by the beautiful surrounding we got ready to continue and for the first time I paged through all the pages and realized there where three in total!! We'd better get our asses in gear dear! Jumped in and sped off to the next clue. Somewhere along the road we had to quickly jump out and make some space for some skateboarders who hitched a lift with the love wagon and Romeo's neatly packed cooler bag and braai equipment became a jumbled heap in the boot!
At the T-junction that was testing your knowledge of rifles we conferred a bit over the signage which seemed very confusing at the time. Stellenbosch was physically to the right, but the sign pointed left. The R202 pointed left but then again the clue said don't go to Stellenbosch?! Surely that means we should go right?? We turned right and were comforted to see a sign say R202 even though the road sign at the crossing seemed to say differently. As we traveled closer and closer to Durbanville instincts told us that the grain silos we are looking for are in the other direction. Hit the brakes - turn around - o my soul! We were so busy arguing over the road sign that we never saw the silos almost right next to it. Team Romeo and Juliet was screwed! O well - its all about the fun isn't it!
The scenery was fantastic and we traveled some roads that we realized we had never traveled before, even though we live around here! We picked a few fights with miesies Garmin who seemed to be as disorientated here as she was in the Transkei and then took the awesome scenic drive up Paarl mountain. Driving up there recalled some very vivid memories from my childhood that I didn't even realise were stored somewhere in my brain and I recalled Sunday school classes and picnics held by my mother for the farmworkers' children with a very heavy German accent shortly after we arrived from Germany. I was about 6 years old. We stopped to take some pictures and cooed over the view so much that by the time we got to the bottom I realized that there were three more questions I did not attend to. Romeo was not impressed and tried to save the dilemma by memory. As we were still trying to find our bearings we saw Charley make a heated u-turn in the main road in front of us and decided to follow him. Luckily that choice was right an we were not lead astray.
We soon found the entrance to our destination and retired to a warm fire and very nice time together. Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable day!


Hi There!
My wife and I met Craig and Ashley last year when we were at Melkbos 4x4, the circumstances under how we met them were embarrassing to say the least.  We were stuck in the mud and the Fortuner looked like a wallowing white hippo.  But thanks to a lot of muscle and brains (from 4x4 Cape) we got out.  Thanks to them we were able to attend an awesome event called the AMAZING RACE……..
Not knowing what to expect when we arrived and not knowing the majority of the people when we registered the people we came across were very welcoming to the newbies.  It’s always a bit  difficult to be the “Greenest” people there but we managed.  We were in a team of three cars, leading the way was Ashley and bringing up the rear was Rudi in the big red jeep.
The clues came thick and fast on the sheet but we could figure out some and get help from Ashley and his wife in the lead car, no BBM for us but luckily to Zartek we kept in touch.  The route was awesome, good scenery. I was born and schooled in Cape Town but some of those roads I did not even know existed.  The 30 min stop was great, never been there before either and the final destination was good to.
When we arrived we were welcomed like we were all long-time friends,  guys and gals a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made us feel so welcome.  A big heads up to the race organizer, well done.  The bar is now set for the next one, remember guys it can only get better from now on for the next challenge!!
We are looking forward to becoming members of the club.
Thank you
Wayne & Gen Ikin

Hugo De Wet

Please find below my trip report, and I hereby give you full permission to read it out loud as I collect my winner’s medal…..! I have a Business Conference in Constantia on Wednsday, so will probably be late for the get-together. Ed Sorry Hugo I had to add this
Food for the braai, Check. Beers, Check. Pens and Notepad, Check. Droewors, Ag nee bliksem, back to home to pick up the Droewors – after all, it is a great appetizer for Beer. Ok, all set and ready for the Challenge: Swambo, in her infinite wisdom decided that this is one challenge too harsh on our Wedding vows (as proven by Ashley and Stephen’s much better halves at the end-point with their clenched jaws.) So, that left me with my “clean-father” (aka SkoonPa), the only one left gullible enough to accept the challenge. The only problem was that SkoonPa is even more competitive than me, thus creating a tense atmosphere to start with.
Eventually we arrivved at the MMC, only to be told that we would leave with Trevor’s (Candyman) group, which was going to be the last to depart. Only problem was that Stephen (who else) was running late. Mark ( Mansfield Jnr) refused to open the bar, thus leaving us high and dry in a public parking lot. Eventually, Trevor gave us permission (me and Jaco, aka Fireman) to head off on our own. Only problem was that Jaco arrived in a Sedan(!), meaning no Radio Comms. Luckily, I had a set of Zarteks in my bakkie, so we could be in constant contact, which proved to be an absolute diasater, as SkoonPa was more interested in the Radios than the actual directions. Lesson learnt: Choose your navigator carefully.
Enough has been written about the actual journey, so I won’t labour on that piece, apart from the fact that Jaco had to put his Honda  Jazz into low range with the challaging  mountain climb at the PNR. The Honda survived, and we reached the finising point, where SkoonPa berated the other travellers for not starting the braai yet. At the end, we had a lovely meal at a beautiful setting. What a pleasant  day's outing, and another thank to Trevor and Lynne for creating such  a fun-filled  adventure!
Hugo de Wet
aka Huge Ou

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