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Blombosch4x4 Trail 4 August 2012
Created by Craig Parsons in 8/21/2012 12:26:20 PM

Blombosch4x4 Trip Report - written by Andre Kruger "Skorriemorrie"

Trip Report Blombosch4x4 Trail

It was with much anticipation the big day arrived. Weather-wise we did not expect much and there was a chilling wind blowing outside, reminding us the Cape winter was here.

All the vehicles gathered at the Engen  1Stop on the N7 for a departure at 09.00 on 4th August 2012

The group consisted of 6 vehicles. Some were new faces, and a new driver and some of the old faithful crowd.

After everybody had made their turn at the ablution facilities, we started off driving on the N7 until we got to Malmesbury where we turned off on to the Darling road.

Blombosch 4x4 Trail - the start Blombosch 4x4 Trail - Rock Section


Everything went ok, except for some vehicles that battled to pass heavy vehicles on the road.

Unfortunately there were only three radios among the participants which meant that the vehicles without radios had to slot in between us and have no comms.

Witblits was leading, another Disco behind him, next was a Rubicon, then a Terracan, then myself with the Jeep WJ and behind me was Mark Sylvester.

The convoy kept together fairly well and we only made one wrong turn in Darling, trying to find the exit to Ysterfontein. We encountered some fog on our way to the West Coast road, which cleared up after a few kilometres. Shortly after we crossed the highway safely, on to Ysterfontein were we turned off to Blombosch4x4.

As we arrived, a reception party was ready to take our money and help us on our way to start with the trail. We quickly set our tyre pressures to between 0,8 and 1,2 bars

Blombosch4x4 Trail - Social Time Blombosch4x4 Trail - Lunchtime


We found the trail very easy, not more than a normal plaas paaidjie and low gear would not have been a requirement.

As we were approaching a hill, there were two ostriches and a whole lot of little chicks running in the road right in front of us, refusing to leave the road for almost a kilometre until we reached the corner of the field, were we had to go through a gate.

Just past the gate we spotted some buck standing in the vegetation, eyeing us out as we slowly drove past.

To our surprise there was a rocky section, maybe 100 meters or so which required a little bit of technical driving?

Shortly afterwards we arrived at Aapgat were we decided to spend some time leisurely to chat to the new members and make new friends.

The rest of the drive was uneventful since the sand or bits of sand that we encountered were wet and hard.

Blombosch4x4 Trainl - snack time Blombosch4x4 Trail - Home Time


Thanks to the organizers, the Road Captain and every one taking part.

Over and out


Andre Kruger



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