Kleintafelberg 4x4 14 - 16 August 2020


In the midst of lockdown level 3, 4x4 Cape members ventured out to the Klein Tafelberg 4x4 trail situated between the towns of Aurora and Redelingshuys on the weekend of 14 to 16 August 2020. 


A collective total of 18 club members and 4 guest undertook the trip to the West Coast in search of the great outdoors, some good company and to live the 4x4 route. 


Situated in the Sandveld area, the trail offers a mix of sand and bits of rocky terrain that offers the 4x4 enthusiast a really great experience. After a drivers briefing, members and guest undertook the trail on the Saturday morning with it offering early challenges to participants. With some overnight rain, the ground conditions, in particular the sand, offered the thought that the route would be less of a challenge than that if experienced in the hotter summer months. Save to say that the ride was better but did not allow one to be fooled into the thought that it would be any easier. Strip away the top sand layer and behind that, the course woke you up to the need for higher levels of concentration, appropriate tyre pressures and gear selection.



Early recovery of one vehicle (stuck in the sand) paid testimony to the challenges this course brings and not too long thereafter, another vehicle recovery (a concentration lapse) had members in observation for a short while. Some interesting new twist to the route made the experience more exciting to those who have previously driven the route and for the newbies, a great challenge. 


Conditions over the trail on the day saw a mixture of overcast weather, some sunshine and light rain over the +- 20km route, making the venture out an interesting one. Some time spent at the crest of the route had members talking through the challenges and readying themselves for the return leg back to the campsite.


An early Saturday evening collective get together around the boma saw members enjoying good company around the fire with meals being prepared, generous laughter and good banter around the day’s events. Late nights chats, the heat of a fire against chilly weather was a reminder of what 4x4 Cape is all about.   


Sunday morning brought some welcoming sunshine, some goodbyes and safe return travelling to city mayhem.  

Club Lessons:-

Take it slow;

Only one voice at a recovery;

Ensure that you have the right tyre pressure;

This is 4x4, not 4x2;

Choose the right line;

Recovery gear is a must in your vehicle;

Have fun.


Day’s Stats:-

Six club vehicles + 1 other on the trail;

Time spent on the trail – +-3,5 hours;

2 Recoveries;

Weather – cloudy with intermittent rain and sunshine;

Trail conditions – moist sand.